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Power management/Suspend and hibernate problems

You might have to add the kernel parameter acpi_sleep=nonvs to your bootloader.

Overview of Vaio models and state of support

Model version Date Video Sound Ethernet Wireless Bluetooth Power management Modem Other Remarks
Vaio VGN-C2Z Any 3D with nvidia driver Intel audio with ALSA Yes Yes, ipw3945 Modules look fine but due to lack of a Bluetooth client not tested Suspend-to-RAM with vanilla kernel & linux-ckAUR Untested Memory stick reader not tested Everything else (Fn Keys, DVDRW drive, Firewire...) works without a hitch
Vaio VGN-NR320FH 2008-06 Intel GMA965/X3100 (xf86-video-intel driver) Intel audio with ALSA Do not know, but works out-of-the-box Atheros AR5006EG/AR242x (madwifi No acpi_cpufreq, sony-laptop Untested Memory stick might work Fn keys with sony-laptop and sonypid. Using vga option in kernel line in GRUB might give problems with resolution. Pretty cool laptop, everything works out-of-the-box except Fn keys for which I needed to do some research.
Vaio SV-S1511X9E/B Any nouveau kernel module loads only with option config=NvBios=PLATFORM Intel audio with ALSA Yes Yes Yes Suspend-to-RAM perfect. Hibernate untested. Disk spindown untested. Untested
Vaio SVT13 Touch Any Intel HD Graphics 4000 (xf86-video-intel driver) Intel audio with ALSA Yes Yes Yes Suspend to RAM works, both manually and on lid close, temperature, battery level work, fan speed control unsupported by hardware Not available SD card reader works, Memory Stick untested, touch works Action keys seem to work, but only WEB is mapped to browser, ASSIST sends tilde(~) and VAIO does nothing. Fn keys work, but touchpad disable seems to do nothing