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Power management/Suspend and hibernate problems

You might have to add the kernel parameter acpi_sleep=nonvs to your bootloader.

Model list

Model version Date Video Sound Ethernet Wireless Bluetooth Power management Other Remarks
Vaio VGN-C2Z 2007-07-11 Yes Yes Yes Yes Untested Yes Memory stick: Untested
Vaio VGN-NR320FH 2008-11-06 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Memory Stick: Untested Fn keys need sony-laptop and sonypid.
Vaio VGN-SA/SB 2014-02-08 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vaio SV-S1511X9E/B 2018-01-01 Yes* Yes Yes Yes Yes Hibernate: Untested *nouveau needs config=NvBios=PLATFORM
Vaio SVT13 Touch 2020-01-03 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Partial: fan speed control unsupported Memory Stick: Untested Action keys: only WEB is mapped to browser, ASSIST sends tilde(~) and VAIO does nothing.
Touchpad disable seems to do nothing.
Vaio SVF14 Touch 2022-05-21 Yes Yes Yes broadcom-wl broadcom-bt-firmwareAUR Yes Memory Stick: Untested keyboard backlight needs /sys/devices/platform/sony-laptop set to 1 not -1
fix mouse and keyboard after hibernation with kernel parameters i8042.dumbkbd
Display backlight only works with kernel parameters acpi_backlight=video. you might also want to use acpilight