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The Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) provides a minimalistic means for transferring files. It is generally used as a part of PXE booting or for updating configuration and firmware on devices which have limited memory such as routers, IP phones and printers.


There are several TFTP server implementations, some are listed below and iputils also includes a version of tftp.

Note: Make sure not to start different TFTP implementations at the same time. They will fail with an error got more than one socket, because only one may listen to the default TFTP port 69.


Install tftp-hpa and then start tftpd.service.

To modify service parameters edit /etc/conf.d/tftpd.


Install atftp and then start atftpd.service.

To modify service parameters edit /etc/conf.d/atftpd.


See dnsmasq#TFTP server.



Install tftp-hpa and then tftp your day away!

$ tftp


Standard curl has an ability to connect to a TFTP server and put on a file via:

$ curl -T FILE tftp://HOST