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I am BoneTone. I am still fairly new to Arch, though I have lots of experience in operating systems, systems & enterprise management, software development, etc. I hope to contribute to this Wiki in a positive and meaningful way. Cheers!



This is the very beginning of a "quick reference sheet" if you will, for Arch Linux. Perhaps something similar to Greg's BashSheet, though that's not exactly what I am trying to do. Initially this is just a project for myself, to give me a page I can put single-click link to in my Bookmarks Bar at the bottom of my browser. A location only a very small set of pages get placed, for when I know I can find a piece of information quickly, or execute a task I do frequently, etc. Perhaps it will grow into something useful for others, perhaps not.

Among other things, I'll be learning how this wiki is set up for creating page formatting along the way.

WARNING: It is very important that any commands, code snippets, or really any advice given in this page be verified elsewhere. Software changes quickly, and this was initially written by a user new to Arch, and very rusty on Linux in general. It had been over half a decade since I had used Linux as a daily OS before I first installed Arch. So please, I will do my best to link to sources, and you do your best to learn the tools you are using before using them. I, in no way, implied or express, am liable for anything anyone does after reading this page.