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In the default kernel configuration, there is currently no sound output with the internal speakers, due to the Cirrus CS35L41 HD amplifier which cannot be set up properly on boot [1]. The ASUS Zenbook UM3402YA series seems to not be the only device where this problem occurs. This was first caused by a firmware bug, but according to a Cirrus developer, the no-sound-issue seems to be fixed in a BIOS update due to the missing of certain ACPI entries [2].

There are some unofficial patches available, but these patches got rejected by a kernel developer due to the possibility of harming your device. An updated patches is available for the 6.2 kernel. Also this ssdt patch can be applied by grub (also needs at least 6.2 kernel) posibility of harming your device.

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If you have kept Windows in dual-boot and cannot get Bluetooth working: power-off your laptop, then hold power button for 60 seconds. That will reset UEFI settings, so disable Secure Boot again if needed. After that Bluetooth will be detected and work properly.


See fprint.

Does not work stably, rarely giving positive results.

Note: You should move same finger several times through power button with speed of 1-2 seconds instead of holding or tapping on button.

Fan control

See ASUS Zenbook UM3402YAR#Fan control.

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