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abduco is a lightweight utility letting programs run independently of the controlling terminal. In that matter it is similar to tmux and GNU Screen, but without multiplexing capability.


Install the abduco package.

Session management

To start command... in a session named session_name (which may be later referenced), run

$ abduco -c session_name command...

To detach, either press Ctrl+\ or close the controlling terminal. In both cases the process will remain alive.

To reattach to a session_name, run

$ abduco -a session_name

Invoking abduco with no options prints the list of sessions.


The process started in an abduco session retains the TERM variable it has been invoked with. While reattaching, a compatible type of terminal must be used.

abduco does not provide multiple windows and multiplexing. If that is needed, use dvtm, tmux, or GNU Screen.