Acer Swift 3 SF314-511

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad Yes
Keyboard Yes
GPU 8086:9a49 Yes
WiFi 8086:a0f0 Yes
Webcam 0408:a094 Yes
Bluetooth 8087:0026 Yes
Audio 8086:a0c8 Yes
Fingerprint reader 04f3:0c7f No


The firmware interface on the Acer Swift 3 is simple and keyboard-oriented, so it should be trivial to use with OCR devices.


fwupd supports the touchpad, memory technology device, CPU, SSD, TPM, ESRT, and graphics card

Secure Boot

Secure Boot is enabled by default in the BIOS. In order to disable it, a BIOS administrator password must be set.

Function Keys

Key Visible?1 Marked?2 Effect
Fn+F1 Yes Yes XF86Sleep
Fn+F2 Yes Yes XF86RFKill
Fn+F3 Yes Yes XF86MonBrightnessDown
Fn+F4 Yes Yes XF86MonBrightnessUp
Fn+F5 No Yes Unknown
Fn+F6 No Yes Turns off display
Fn+F7 No Yes Disables touchpad
Fn+F8 No Yes Toggles keyboard backlight
Fn+F9 Yes Yes XF86AudioMute
Fn+F10 Yes Yes XF86AudioLowerVolume
Fn+F11 Yes Yes XF86AudioRaiseVolume
Fn+F12 No Yes Unknown
Fn+Del Yes Yes Insert
Fn+RightCtrl Yes Yes Menu
Fn+Home Yes Yes Prior
Fn+End Yes Yes Next
  1. The key is visible to xev and similar tools.
  2. The physical key has a symbol on it, which describes its function.