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Badwolf is a minimal, privacy oriented, WebKitGTK browser for Linux and BSD on x86(-64) and arm7&8 running on X11 and Wayland. Badwolf features toggles for JavaScript and image loading, a tabbed browsing experience in a mouse-driven user interface. It has a low memory footprint and small binary size.


Install badwolfAUR.

Video streaming

For video streaming to work make sure to install gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-bad and gst-plugins-ugly.

Note: Badwolf does not support DRM, so streaming websites that use it will not work.



The interface can be modified using css located at $XDG_DATA_HOME/badwolf/interface.css for a per-user configuration or in /usr/local/share/badwolf/interface.css for a system-wide configuration. For a list if configurable properties see the gtk manual.


Badwolf does not support JavaScript user extensions, but it does support WebKit extensions such as wyebadblock.


The default keybings can be changed in the keybindings.c file. Custom keybinds can also be added that run arbitrary C code.


Certain properties can be changed in the config.c file. Further documentation can be found in the file itself.


The default homepage (for new tabs and fresh browser sessions) can be set in uri.c.

Note: Remember to include the full URI for your homepage, including its scheme, e.g https:// or file://.