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Beets is a music tagger and library organizer using the MusicBrainz database.


Install the beets package or beets-gitAUR for the development version.


Tip: Beets provides a command for configuration manipulations. To edit the configuration file, run beet config -e. It will be opened with the text editor specified in the environment variable EDITOR.

User configuration is done using YAML syntax. For example:

directory: ~/Music            # The default library root directory.
library: ~/Music/library.db   # The default library database file to use.


Add music

See Beets importing music.

List music

See Beets seeing your music.

Remove music

Tip: If you remove music from your filesystem or do any changes to the files without using beet, do not forget to run beet upd to update your library database.

See Beets remove.

Tips and tricks

Enabling tab-completion in bash

Beets includes support for Bash shell command completion. To enable completion, put the following line into your .bashrc:

eval "$(beet completion)"

You will also need to install bash-completion for this to work.

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