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Blender is best known as a popular open source 3D modelling program.


Install the blender package.

GPU rendering

Blender officially supports only the proprietary drivers from both AMD (for GCN cards: AMDGPU; For pre-GCN cards: ATI) and NVIDIA. After installing the proprietary drivers, one can select the graphics card as a compute device under Edit > Preferences... > System.

Professional rendering plugins

Blender is becoming increasingly well known in the professional industry. As such, there are now alternative rendering methods to EEVEE and Cycles, in the form of plugins. This should serve as a list of the major professional rendering plugins that are released or upcoming for Linux.


LuxCoreRender is an open source rendering method that can also make use of OpenCL to render. To make use of it, simply install the (blender-plugin-luxcorerenderAUR) package, Then enable the LuxCoreRender addon in the User Preferences box in Blender.


RenderMan is a Linux compatible proprietary rendering plugin that is free for use with blender under a non-commercial license. See the Renderman page for setting it up with blender.


Pro-Render is an open source Blender rendering plugin from AMD that will allow any machine using an OpenCL 1.2 compatible AMD GPU the ability to create realistic GPU renders, allowing for faster work compared to the CPU.


Blend4Web is an open source framework for creating and displaying interactive 3D graphics in web browsers. It contains a Blender add-on to create and export 3D scenes directly into the web. A Blend4Web-specific profile can be activated in the add-on settings. When switching to this profile, the Blender interface changes so that it only reveals settings relevant to Blend4Web. See the documentation on how to install Blend4Web SDK.


Verge3D for Blender is a real-time renderer and a toolkit from the original creators of Blend4Web. Contains Puzzles visual editor to allow creating interactive web applications without coding.


Blender is slow to select objects

When using onboard Intel graphics it may take 5-10 seconds to select an object. Change Selection in File > User Preferences > System to OpenGL Occlusion Queries.

Blender does not show the AMD card as an OpenCL rendering device

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Reason: There are methods of enabling OpenCL in Blender without the need of proprietary drivers. (Discuss in Talk:Blender)

Blender only supports the official AMD proprietary drivers for rendering with OpenCL, meaning you will need to install one of the following AMD OpenCL drivers:

After installation, the AMD GPU should now appear as a selectable device under File > User Preferences > System > Compute Device.

Interface text

If fonts look small or blurry, their size can be increased (by a point or two) in User Preferences > Themes > Text Style. Selecting a bold font family as Interface Font in User Preferences > Themes > System can also greatly decrease blurriness.

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