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COSMIC is a desktop environment developed in the Rust programming language, using the iced cross platform GUI library for Rust, and Smithay as building blocks for its compositor, cosmic-comp. Cosmic-comp is comparable to smithay's own anvil compositor demonstration, just like the Wayland project uses Weston as demo compositor.

Until the independent COSMIC environment is finished, Pop!_OS still uses its legacy COSMIC desktop, which is a heavily customized GNOME, but is not packaged for Arch.



COSMIC's first release is called Epoch, and can be installed via cosmic-epoch-gitAUR. It is compiling all the currently available parts stitched together by System76. The easiest is to start it through a display manager, where it will show up as an additional option, besides e.g. GNOME, KDE, etc.

Individual components

COSMIC comprises a compositor, library, and applets, which may be installed as parts. As of 2023-05, cosmic-comp-gitAUR, cosmic-applets-gitAUR, cosmic-applibraryAUR, cosmic-bg-gitAUR, cosmic-settings-gitAUR and the editor, cosmic-text-editor-gitAUR.

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