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Cockpit is a browser-based administration tool for Linux, sponsored by Red Hat.


Install the cockpit package. Check the optional dependencies to see what packages are required to manage network connections, packages and hard disks.

For additional features, install one of the following packages:


Start/enable the cockpit.socket unit to start Cockpit [1].

Visit https://localhost:9090/ in a web browser to use Cockpit. Log in with your Linux account and password.


TLS certificate

By default, Cockpit uses a self-signed TLS certificate. To use proper certificate, put a certificate with suffix .cert and a corresponding key with suffix .key in the /etc/cockpit/ws-certs.d/ directory. Cockpit will use the last *.cert file in that folder, in alphabetical order, falling back on 0-self-signed.cert. The cert and key have to be readable by the cockpit-ws user. Restart cockpit.service to apply. See the page in the official docs for more information.