Dell Inspiron 13 (5378)

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
GPU 8086:5916 Yes
Wireless 0cf3:e007 Yes
Bluetooth 0cf3:e007 Yes
Audio 8086:9d71 Yes
Touchpad 0740:0006CB Yes
Touchscreen 04f3:2494 Yes
Webcam 0bda:58c2 Yes
Infrared Camera No

Fan control

The default fan settings allow the CPU to reach 70-85 °C before the fan speeds up. To make the laptop to run cooler, use i8kutilsAUR to manually set the fan start temperature. The BIOS seems to override fan control by default, so install dell-bios-fan-control-gitAUR to give control of the fan to the OS. Note that manually setting the fan profile has a drawback of not letting the fan reach full speed (6000 RPM BIOS control, 5000 RPM manual) due to Dell not publishing any documentation.

This model only has one fan, and it is identified as the right fan. Setting the left fan speed has no effect. A working fan profile will look something like this:

set config(0)   {{- 0}  -1  50  -1  50}
set config(1)   {{- 1}  45  65  45  65}
set config(2)   {{- 2}  60  75  60  75}
set config(3)   {{- 2}  70 128  70 128}

See Fan speed control#Dell laptops for more information.