Dell Inspiron N5010

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Reason: Misses a "function key" section and the ID for the card reader. (Discuss in Talk:Dell Inspiron N5010)
Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad 413c:8162 Yes
Keyboard 413c:8161 Yes
Webcam 0c45:6480 Yes
Ethernet 10ec:8136 Yes
Bluetooth 0a5c:4500 Yes
SD-card reader Yes
Audio 8086:3b56 Yes
Wireless 8086:0083 Yes


The appearance of the BIOS is pretty simple and not very colorful, so it might work well with OCR software. It does not provide mouse support.

Note: Blind users should request the help of a sighted person to change BIOS settings.

Selecting the boot medium and changing settings may be accessed by pressing F12 during POST.

This device has beep codes but no corresponding LED.


fwupd does not support this device yet.


This laptop does not support UEFI at all. Use a BIOS boot loader instead.


Both pairing, sending files and receiving files works out of the box, tested with blueman.

If the Bluetooth interface is not detected, try to install bluez-hid2hci, as suggested on the forums.

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