Dell Latitude 3420

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad Yes
Keyboard Yes
GPU 8086:9a49 Yes
Webcam 0c45:6d1a Yes
Microphone Yes
Ethernet 10ec:8168 Yes
Wifi 8086:a0f0 Yes
Bluetooth 8087:0026 Yes
SD-card reader Untested
Audio 8086:a0c8 Yes
Fingerprint reader 27c6:639c Untested
TPM Untested


This device can be throttled and have very bad performance, even if setting on BIOS the Ultra Performance option.

Installing and enabling thermald seems to fix the issue, allowing the processor to reach higher speeds, while also running on higher CPU temperature.


The appearance of the BIOS is pretty simple and not very colorful, so it might work well with OCR software. However, it requires the user to use a mouse.

Note: Blind users should request the help of a sighted person to change firmware settings.
  • System Setup : F2
  • Boot Menu: F12

From the official manual see Navigation keys.


fwupd supports update for those devices:

  • Touchpad
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • NVMe drive
  • System firmware
  • TPM
  • UEFI device firmware
  • USB host controller


For better video support install mesa, vulkan-intel. As per Intel graphics#Installation, it is not recommended to install xf86-video-intel.

Tearing when using Xorg and modesetting driver

However, if you experience too much tearing you could add back xf86-video-intel driver to alleviate tearing when using Xorg.

You can additionally enable TearFree (see Intel graphics#Tearing), but be aware that there is a noticeable impact on performance.


Sound and microphone requires the installation of sof-firmware to work, else no card / output device will be detected, see ALSA firmware.

Function keys

Key Visible?1 Marked?2 Effect
Fn+Esc No Yes Enables Fn lock
Fn+F1 Yes Yes XF86AudioMute
Fn+F2 Yes Yes XF86AudioLowerVolume
Fn+F3 Yes Yes XF86AudioRaiseVolume
Fn+F4 Yes Yes XF86AudioPlay
Fn+F5 Yes Yes Enables/disables keyboard backlight
Fn+F6 Yes Yes XF86MonBrightnessDown
Fn+F7 No Yes XF86MonBrightnessUp
Fn+F8 Yes Yes Inputs Super+p
Fn+F9 No No Unmarked keybinds
Fn+F10 Yes Yes PrintScreen
Fn+F11 Yes Yes Home
Fn+F12 Yes Yes End
Fn+Right Ctrl No Yes Contextual menu
Fn+Up Yes Yes PageUp
Fn+Down Yes Yes PageDown
  1. The key is visible to xev and similar tools
  2. The physical key has a symbol on it, which describes its function