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Project Leader


The Arch Linux Leader will have the following roles:

Decision making

The Leader will serve to make decisions on any aspect of the distribution that fails to reach consensus on the mailing lists. Here consensus is defined by the absence of sustained opposition to substantial issues by the concerned parties and by a process that involves seeking to take into account the views of all parties concerned and to reconcile any conflicting arguments. Consensus does not imply unanimity. A clear and concise description of the competing options will be provided to the leader by a single representative of each viewpoint prior to decisions being made, to ensure the Leader is well informed prior to decision making.


The Leader serves as the Arch Linux representative on the SPI, and approves all spending from the Arch Linux account. The Leader will inform the team yearly (to coincide with the release of the SPI report) on the status of Arch Linux finances.


The leader is the Arch Linux representative in all legal matters. The primary responsibility of the Leader in this role is holding the Arch Linux Trademark. They will be in charge of handling trademark requests and related issues.

Project management

The Leader oversee the progress of projects with distribution-wide effect. Regular census of planned and on-going projects will be performed, with action taken to ensure these projects run to completion, whether to full implementation or making a decision regarding abandonment.


The role of Arch Linux Leader is determined by a vote among eligible members of the Arch Linux Team.


Nomination of candidates will take place in a two week period prior to voting. Nominations require support of two members of the Arch Linux Team, which may include the nominee. If the nominee is neither of the nominators, then they must also agree to be nominated. All Team members are eligible for nomination.


When more than two candidates are nominated, voting will be conducted using the instant-runoff voting system. Ballots with candidates ranked in order of preference will be collected and tallied by a member of the Team who is neither a candidate, nor has nominated a candidate. Voting shall take place over a two week period, with no quorum in effect.

Team members eligible for voting are:

  • Arch Linux Developers
  • Arch Linux Package Maintainers
  • Arch Linux Support Staff

The complete list of individuals in these roles is defined on the Arch Linux website, fixed at the beginning of the voting period. People who have roles in multiple of these categories are only eligible to vote once.

After the winner has been determined, the Arch Linux Developers, can enact their right to veto. This veto decision must be made within 14 days of the election. In case of a veto, the current winner is removed from the list of candidates and a new winner is determined based on the remaining votes. Then the veto process is restarted with this new winner. If there are no more candidates on the list, the whole nomination and voting process is restarted.

A veto can be proposed by any developer on the arch-dev mailing list and needs initial support by at least one other developer. A decision on the veto is then reached by the usual developer decision making process. If two weeks pass without a veto from the developer team, the previous leader (or a representative) publicly announce the new leader. If no veto discussion has been initiated within one week of the election, the developer team can decide to announce the leader ahead of time, thereby refraining from their right to veto.

Triggering of elections

The election of the Arch Linux Leader can be triggered by any of the following conditions:

  • The Leader reaches the end of their term (defined below),
  • The Leader dies,
  • The Leader calls for an early election,
  • The Leader resigns, or
  • A vote is successfully held to remove the Leader from their position.

A successful vote for removal of a leader must satisfy the following conditions:

  • A two-thirds majority is achieved in favour of removal
  • A quorum of 50% of eligible voters (as defined above) is achieved

Term lengths and re-election

The term length for the Arch Linux Leader is set to a default of 2 years. A Leader may seek reelection an unlimited number of times. Calling an early election does not affect the Leader's ability to seek reelection.