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Notlar: Only the first few paragraphs are translated. (Talk:Discord (Türkçe) sayfasında tartışınız.)

Discord kapalı kaynak kodlu, çoklu platform desteğine sahip, sesli ve yazılı sohbet uygulamasıdır. Açık kaynak davasına gönül vermiş topluluklarının birçoğunun resmi Discord sunucuları vardır. Discord bir web tarayıcısı aracılığıyla veya Electron ile yapılan masaüstü uygulaması aracılığıyla kullanılabilir.


Discord'un masaüstü uygulamasını yüklemek için aşağıdaki paketlerden birini kullanabilirsiniz:

Uyarı: Üçüncü parti istemcilerin veya Discord istemcisi üzerinde oynamalar yapan herhangi bir resmi olmayan paket veya uygulamanın kullanımı Discord'un Kullanıcı Sözleşmesine aykırıdır ve hesabınızın kalıcı olarak kapatılmasına neden olabilir. [1] Bu tür paketleri kullanırken tüm sorumluluk size aittir. Discord'un API'sindeki anti-spam sistemini tetiklemelerinden ötürü eski veya geliştirilmeyen istemcileri kullanmayınız aksi takdirde hesabınız yasaklanabilir.

Grafiksel istemciler

Resmi istemciler

Sistem electron'unu kullanan resmi istemciler

Olası performans artışı ve uygulamanın güvenliğini arttırmak için sistem electron'unu kullanan resmi istemciler:

Üçüncü parti istemciler

  • Abaddon — C++/gtkmm ile yazılmış alternatif bir Discord istemcisi.
https://github.com/uowuo/abaddon || abaddonAUR
  • discord-screenaudio — A custom discord client that supports streaming with audio on Linux.
https://github.com/maltejur/discord-screenaudio || discord-screenaudioAUR
  • Fast-Discord — A new Discord client made in C++ and Qt.
https://github.com/EnyoYoen/Fast-Discord || fast-discord-gitAUR
  • gtkcord4 — GTK4 Discord client in Go.
https://github.com/diamondburned/gtkcord4 || gtkcord4-gitAUR
  • Ripcord — A lightweight, proprietary desktop chat client for group-centric services like Slack and Discord built upon the Qt toolkit.
https://cancel.fm/ripcord/ || ripcordAUR
  • WebCord — Wrapper for the web client that improves privacy and allows for screensharing on Wayland.
https://github.com/SpacingBat3/WebCord || webcordAUR

Command-line clients

There are numerous CLI-based third party clients on the AUR (and non-packaged ones on Github), although most are deprecated or broken. discordo is maintained and packaged on the AUR as discordo-gitAUR.

Chat client plugins

  • purple-discord — Discord plugin for libpurple based messengers such as Pidgin
https://github.com/EionRobb/purple-discord || purple-discord-gitAUR
  • bitlbee-discord — Discord plugin for Bitlbee
https://github.com/sm00th/bitlbee-discord || bitlbee-discord-gitAUR
  • weechat-discord — Discord plugin for WeeChat
https://github.com/terminal-discord/weechat-discord || weechat-discord-gitAUR

Custom CSS & plugins

  • BetterDiscord — A project which allows Discord to be modified to use custom CSS and plugins.
https://betterdiscord.app/ || betterdiscord-installerAUR
  • Discocss — A simple script that can inject custom CSS into Discord clients. To inject CSS into the discord-ptbAUR and discord-canaryAUR versions, replace any mentions of the discord folder with the version in use.
https://github.com/mlvzk/discocss || discocss-gitAUR
  • Replugged — A fork of Powercord, the lightweight discord client mod focused on simplicity and performance.
https://github.com/replugged-org/replugged || replugged-electron-gitAUR


For Linux clients, Discord does not support in-game overlay. discover-overlayAUR is an open-source GTK application that provides these functions. Discover works on X11 or wlroots environments.

Tips and tricks

GNOME top bar icon

If you would like to have the icon on the top bar of GNOME, install the AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support extension and libappindicator-gtk3.

Discord asks for an update not yet available in the repository

Discord will refuse to launch if there is an update available, and the following message will be shown "Must be your lucky day, there's a new update!". If the updated version is not yet available in the official repos, you can build and install the updated package using the Arch build system.

To disable the update check, add the following to ~/.config/discord/settings.json:


Or you can cheat. Check for discord's path:

file $(which discord)

and cd to where the symbolic link points. In this directory (probably /opt/discord/) edit the file resources/build_info.json that should look like:

  "releaseChannel": "stable", 
  "version": "0.0.xx"

You can "upgrade" the version, and trick the launcher. All is reset in a future update.

Start Discord minimized

Discord can be started minimized through the --start-minimized argument.

Microphone noise suppression

Discord now has noise suppression built in, with both a standard option and an AI-powered option provided by Krisp. You can also provide your own noise suppression on PipeWire by following PipeWire#Noise suppression for voice.

Screen sharing with audio

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Reason: Discord's intent is to eventually provide native audio sharing via PipeWire. [2] (Discuss in Talk:Discord (Türkçe))

Tango-view-fullscreen.pngThis article or section needs expansion.Tango-view-fullscreen.png

Reason: This looks like a good starting point for setting up PipeWire audio routing: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/pipewire/-/wikis/Virtual-Devices#create-a-sink (Discuss in Talk:Discord (Türkçe))

Screen sharing with audio is not officially supported on Linux. One alternative to this is to route the application audio through your microphone:

Another approach is to use a modded client that will feed the audio into the Discord stream rather than mixing it in with the microphone:

  • For PipeWire, a current workaround, and most likely the easiest way to use audio screen sharing, is to use discord-screenaudioAUR.
Warning: Modded clients are against the Discord Terms of Service; see #Kurulum for more details.

Enabling Developer Tools

Warning: Code that is pasted into the Console of the developer tools has the ability to steal your credentials and compromise your Discord account. Do not enable this unless you know what you are doing.

After a recent update, devtools were disabled by default on Discord for safety reasons. To re-enable them, add this to ~/.config/discord/settings.json:


Enabling Text-to-Speech

By default, Text-to-Speech is disabled in the Discord client. However, it can be enabled using the --enable-speech-dispatcher flag. This utilizes the speech-dispatcher daemon to output the speech.


Lagging when scrolling through your guilds

If you experience lags and stutters while scrolling through your guilds please ensure that your hardware acceleration is working correctly. You can do this by opening chrome://gpu in a Chromium based browser. If it is not working please check the chapter on Hardware video acceleration and try running Discord with some additional options:

$ discord --ignore-gpu-blocklist --disable-features=UseOzonePlatform --enable-features=VaapiVideoDecoder --use-gl=desktop --enable-gpu-rasterization --enable-zero-copy

Crackling during voice calls

If you experience crackling sounds when in voice chat, try the steps outlined in PulseAudio/Troubleshooting#Troubleshooting buffer underruns (glitches, skips, crackling).

Screen sharing on Wayland

As of version 0.0.17, the Screen Share feature does not work on Wayland, even when enabling Ozone for Wayland using /usr/bin/discord --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland. See this Reddit post and the Discord bug report.

As a work around webcordAUR can be used which fully supports screensharing on Wayland, however lacks features like rich presence as it bundles the web version of Discord. The web version itself may also be used.

Another alternative is to use a virtual camera. See Open Broadcaster Software#Virtual camera output and Screen capture#Via a virtual webcam video feed.

Enabling rich presence on Flatpak

When using the Flatpak version of Discord, Rich Presence will not work out of the box. To make it work, it is necessary to create a symlink from $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/discord-ipc-0 to $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/app/com.discordapp.Discord/discord-ipc-0. To create the symlink for the current user session, run:

$ ln -sf {app/com.discordapp.Discord,$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/discord-ipc-0

To automatically create the symlink, systemd-tmpfiles can be used by adding the following line to a file with the .conf extension in ~/.config/user-tmpfiles.d/:

L %t/discord-ipc-0 - - - - app/com.discordapp.Discord/discord-ipc-0

Discord becomes unresponsive during long calls

If Discord becomes unresponsive during long calls, try the --no-sandbox argument. You can also add the following to your .bashrc, or alias file for your shell:

alias discord='discord --no-sandbox'

Discord freezes after getting pinged or messaged

If a message that would trigger a notification (pings, DMs, servers with notifications on, etc) causes the client to freeze, the client is failing to find a notification server. To fix it without installing a notifications server, disable Enable Desktop Notifications in the Notifications options.

Notification sounds do not work with PipeWire

See PipeWire#No notification sounds from Discord.

Emojis are not rendered correctly

If you encounter rendering issues regarding emojis (rendering as rectangles for example), discord-canary-electron-binAUR has the appropriate fonts as optional dependencies. You should install ttf-symbolaAUR, noto-fonts-cjk, and noto-fonts-emoji.

Clicking link does not open the web browser

If clicking a link does not open a tab in your default web browser, you should install the xdg-utils optional dependency.

Sync with computer feature not working

Discord is parsing the following file to find which theme to apply:


and it is looking for these specific lines:


If you change the theme from Adwaita-dark to Adwaita, then Discord will automatically change to light version and vice-versa.

Note that Discord only supports a few popular themes, so if it does not work for your particular theme (in this example with Materia theme), a "dirty" fix would be to put the following in your settings.ini file:


The definition order is important because GTK will use the second variable definition so in this case Materia-dark but Discord will still successfully detect that you are using a dark theme by providing Adwaita-dark in the first variable definition of the GTK theme.

Blurry Discord icon in KDE Plasma system tray

You can attempt to fix this issue by installing libappindicator-gtk3 to replace libappindicator-gtk2, which is known to cause this issue.

Discord spams systemd journal

You may find that Discord creates a lot of messages in your journal in a format like:

(device_info_linux.cc:45): NumberOfDevices

To disable the logging that causes this pollution: go to User Settings, select "Voice & Video", scroll to bottom of the screen and disable "Debug Logging".

No voice chat in a pure-ALSA environment

Discord’s desktop application relies on PulseAudio for voice chat and does not run on ALSA directly. Using apulse as a workaround is, in this case, deprecated. If you want to use Discord’s voice chat without PulseAudio or Pipewire, access Discord’s web client through a Chromium-based web browser. Alternatively, as a Chromium-based wrapper, Webcord works in pure-ALSA environments.

If you choose this route and are unable to unmute, i.e., to get permission to access your microphone, set it as default capture device in ~/.asoundrc. Also, in Discord, go to User Settings > Voice & Video > Input Device, and make sure Default is selected.

Notification badge is missing

Discord can display a badge showing the number of unread mentions on the taskbar icon. If the badge is not displayed, verify that the libunityAUR package is installed, as it is required for this feature to work.