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Etherpad-Lite or just Etherpad, is a collaborative, multi-user web-editor based on Node.js with the ability to import/export various office file formats.


Install the etherpad-liteAUR package.



For testing purposes, the default database backend for Etherpad is the file-based DirtyDB. With that, you can run and test Etherpad-Lite without any further configuration.

If you want to use MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite, you can adjust those settings in the settings.json file. Further, you can set a password for the administrator interface on http://localhost:9001/admin, change port and listening address, etc.

At least, do not forget to set a sessionkey, e.g. generate with pwgen and pwgen --symbols 10 1 and write it down to /etc/etherpad-lite/SESSIONKEY.txt.

Your Etherpad installation can be extended with plugins listed at the administrator interface.


the default IP is, change it to as assumed later.

  // IP and port which etherpad should bind at
  "ip": "",
  "port" : 9001,


Enable the etherpad-lite.service unit. You can then access Etherpad-Lite on or directly access a pad on

Known issues

Crashes on some Pads

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