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FHEM (TM) is a GPL'd perl server for house automation. It is used to automate some common tasks in the household like switching lamps / shutters / heating / etc. and to log events like temperature / humidity / power consumption.


Install the fhemAUR package.


Since version 5.7, the FHEM package uses a different directory layout for its files:

  • /usr/share/fhem Perl modules and static content
  • /var/lib/fhem logs and state files, changing content
  • /etc/fhem.cfg main configuration file

If you have a legacy configuration, please adjust your paths by putting these lines into /etc/fhem.cfg

If you like to edit the configuration from the web frontend, make sure the user fhem has write access to /etc/fhem.cfg.

attr global logfile /var/lib/fhem/fhem-%Y-%m.log
attr global modpath /usr/share/fhem
attr global statefile /var/lib/fhem/fhem.save


define Logfile FileLog /var/lib/fhem/fhem-%Y-%m.log fakelog

define autocreate autocreate
attr autocreate filelog /var/lib/fhem/%NAME-%Y.log

define eventTypes eventTypes /var/lib/fhem/eventTypes.txt

Please visit the FHEM reference documentation for further information.


Just start/enable fhem.service.