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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
GPU 8086:3185 Yes
Audio 8086:3198 Untested
Ethernet 10ec:8168 Untested
Wireless 8086:3165 Untested
Bluetooth 8087:0a2a Untested
SD Card Reader 0bda:0316 Untested

This page applies to the GPD MicroPC.


After kernel 5.16 the installation of the linux-firmware-qlogic package will fix most external display issues. UHD external displays on both DP and HDMI are supported at 60hz and above, lower refresh rates may cause a flashing or blank screen.

On kernels 5.4 to 5.15, automatic GuC / HuC firmware loading will cause issues with the i915 driver. The attached DSI display will work correctly, but HDMI and DisplayPort may show a blank screen on plug or cause hangs on resume from hibernate. Rebooting while the USB-C port is attached to a DP screen will allow it to function for that session only, hibernation will cause a hang at a blank screen. For partial HDMI support, it is necessary to pass the following kernel parameters to configure i915:

i915.modesset=-1 i915.enable_guc=0 i915.enable_dpcd_backlight=0 i915.disable_power_well=1 i915.enable_fbc=0 i915.reset=1 i915.mitigations=auto i915.fastboot=0

For kernels 5.16 on it seems to work again without such manual settings.


Kernel modules

For an working keyboard during boot, add battery to the preloaded modules:


Screen rotation during boot

For the correct screen rotation during boot, add fbcon=rotate:1 to your kernel parameters.


The screen is on DSI-1 and 90° rotated, so you need to configure this:

# configure display
# get the names of your outputs by: swaymsg -t get_outputs
output DSI-1 resolution 720x1280 transform 90

Charge control

Charge control is not possible directly. Only with some hardware hack manual charge control can be added; see this reddit post for more information.