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Godot Engine is an open-source game engine.


Install the godot package, or godot-gitAUR for the development version.

Legacy version

Note: Using godot 2 is not recommended for new projects. Only use this for legacy projects and consider porting these to the latest version of the Godot Engine.

To use version 2 of the engine, install the godot2AUR package.

Mono version

If you want to use C# as a scripting language, install the mono version godot-mono-binAUR or godot-mono-gitAUR.

Godot 4 version

To use version 4 of the engine, install the godot4-binAUR package. For its dotnet 6 supported version use godot4-mono-binAUR.

Export templates

To be able to export your project, you will need prebuilt binaries. If using the Git version, you will need to compile them yourself as described separately for each platform on the wiki or use godot-export-templates-gitAUR. If you are using the stable version, you can install the export templates provided by Godot. Install them by clicking on the engine settings icon in the top right corner, and then press "Install export templates" and provide the downloaded templates.

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