HP ENVY m4-1015dx

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The last firmware available for this model was version f.18, distributed only as a Windows executable that does not offer to copy the needed files to disk. To update the firmware without resorting to Windows:

  • Download the windows executable, i.e. sp66921.exe.
  • Unpack the file using a tool like p7zip.
  • Use a tool like hewprsa.exe (run using Wine), found here via this page, to extract the firmware and signature files from the .fd file (018EE.fd in this case). Not every version of hewprsa.exe can understand the all .fd files. The hash of the hewprsa.exe that did work is given below, along with the hash of libeay32.dll, which accompanies it.
    • hewprsa.exe -d 0018EE.fd -o 018EE.bin -s 018EE.sig
  • Copy 018ee.bin and 018EE.sig to a usb drive.
  • Additionally, copy 018EE.sig to the usb drive, renaming it 018EE.s12 since the author of these instructions did not ascertain which suffix is the correct one. The signature of one that did work in this case is listed below.
  • Reboot the computer and use the esc key to enter System Diagnostics.
  • Select Manage Firmware.
  • Using the interface, navigate to 018EE.bin and select it.
  • Using the interface, proceed with BIOS installation.


By default, only the left and right speakers of the Beats audio are enabled; the volume is also unacceptably low.

Install alsa-tools, and use hdajackretask with the following configuration. Use Show unconnected pins to show all available options.

Pin ID override
0x0d Internal speaker
0x0f Internal speaker
0x10 Internal speaker (LFE)