HP EliteBook 745 G4

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Reason: Stub (Discuss in Talk:HP EliteBook 745 G4)
Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Bluetooth Yes
Webcam Yes
Ethernet Untested
Wifi Yes
Touchpad Yes
Pointing stick Yes
Keyboard Yes
Fingerprint reader No
SD-card reader Yes
Speakers Yes
Microphone Yes
Smartcard Reader Yes
4G modem Yes
Dock Yes

Function keys

Key Visible?1 Marked?2 Effect
Fn+ESC Yes No XF86AudioMicMute
Fn+F1 Yes3 Yes XF86Sleep
Fn+F3 No Yes Adjust keyboard backlight (HIGH->LOW->OFF)
Fn+F4 Yes Yes XF86Display
Fn+F5 Yes Yes XF86MonBrightnessDown
Fn+F6 Yes Yes XF86MonBrightnessUp
Fn+F8 Yes Yes XF86AudioLowerVolume
Fn+F9 Yes Yes XF86AudioRaiseVolume
Fn+F10 Yes Yes XF86AudioMicMute
Fn+F12 Yes Yes Num_Lock
  1. The key is visible to xev and similar tools
  2. The physical key has a symbol on it, which describes its function
  3. systemd-logind handles this by default

Smartcard Reader

Works perfectly with opensc . Read Smartcards for more info.

4G modem

Works fine, can be controlled via nmcli / nmtui or GNOME settings.

Tested with HP lt4132, but lt4120 and hs3210 should be supported too. (Check manual for more information)

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