HP Laptop 17-cn0xxx

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This page is for posting fixes for issues and other information relating to this specific laptop.


No input/output devices recognized

See Advanced Linux Sound Architecture#ALSA firmware. Reboot and the audio devices should be recognized. Install the sof-tools package for Sound Open Firmware tools.

VmLinuz-linux (or whatever kernel) not found

There exists a bug that is resolved by reinstalling the kernel. The cause is not yet known. To fix this issue, just reinstall whatever kernel you chose while ensuring the UEFI partition is mounted. See the Arch forum thread for this issue.

Audio can be controlled but there is no output since no soundcard is detected

See the thread here on this issue. Also see the bug as reported on the Github issue tracker here. This turned out to be an issue caused by adding all the modules detected by hw-detect to the Modules array in mkinitcpio.conf this caused some of the audio drivers (not including the realtek ones) to be loaded early from the initrd.