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This article defines the standards for the use of whitespace characters in the source code of articles. The style used in the examples is to be considered an integral part of the rules.

Generic rules

  • Use a single space to separate sentences in the same paragraph (i.e. after period marks).
  • Avoid using multiple blank lines to space out paragraphs or sections.
  • Separate section titles from the = characters with a single space character.
  • Separate section headers from section bodies with an empty line.
  • There should be no spaces around template names, template parameters, link titles, and alternative link text.
  • Separate list characters (*, #, ; and :) from their items with a space. When used for indentation, a space after : is optional.
  • Individual list items cannot be separated by blank lines, otherwise the wiki parser will start a new list for each item.
  • There should be no blank lines separating the elements of the article's header (magic words, categories and interlanguage links), nor between the header and the first line of body text or markup.
  • In the body of the article, separate special blocks (the related articles box, lists, code blocks, article status templates, notes, tips, warnings etc.) from normal text with an empty line.

Main, Category, ArchWiki, Help namespaces


[[Category:Example A]]
[[Category:Example B]]
{{Expansion|Example status template}}

{{Related articles start}}
{{Related|Related article A}}
{{Related|Related article B}}
{{Related articles end}}

Example introduction.

== Section 1 ==

Example section body.

=== Section 1.1 ===

Example section body with [[Related article|link]].

== Section 2 ==

=== Section 2.1 ===

Example section body with {{Template|Parameter 1|2=Parameter 2}}.

* List item
** List item
* List item

=== Section 2.2 ===

 Single-line code example

Multiline code example

Multiline code example

Multiline code example

=== Section 2.3 ===

Paragraph text

* first note
* second note

Second paragraph

{{Tip|some useful tip}}

Talk, *_talk namespaces

Separate different replies with an empty line.


== Discussion 1 ==

First post, paragraph 1.

First post, paragraph 2.

-- ~~~~

:Reply 1, single paragraph. -- ~~~~

::Reply 2, paragraph 1.
::Reply 2, paragraph 2.
::-- ~~~~

== Discussion 2 ==

First post, single paragraph. -- ~~~~

:Reply 1, paragraph 1.
:Reply 1, paragraph 2.
:-- ~~~~

::Reply 2, single paragraph. -- ~~~~