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The Ident service as specified by RFC 1413 is mostly used by various IRC networks and the occasional old FTP server to ask a remote server which user is making a connection. This method is quite untrustworthy, as the remote host can simply choose to lie.

So you have two choices:


See oidentd.

If all went well, you should have the auth service running on port 113. A good way of checking this is by installing nmap (if you do not have it already) and typing:

$ nmap localhost


This Ident server is capable of only returning the same name for any query. With a quick change to a single line of code, it can be customized to return any name you can think. One use for such a simple service would be for IRC client connections to ensure a degree of privacy (remote IRC server and users do not know your username) as well as allowing a small degree of 'vanity plating' for use in IRC channels.

The original code suffered link rot, but may now be found on GitHub, at this address

Systemd activation

Create /etc/systemd/system/identd@.service, Add the following:

Description=per connection null identd

Then create /etc/systemd/system/ident.socket, Add the following:

Description=socket for ident

Reload ident.socket to make use of the new files:

You can check the unit status of ident.socket to test that it is listening successfully.