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LeftWM is an X11 tiling window manager designed around the idea of do one thing and one thing well. It is extended via theming, using scripts and/or binaries.

LeftWM has been built with multiple screens and ultrawide monitors support in mind, supporting the creation of several workspaces on one screen and a single workspace across multiple screens. It also manages keybindings


Install the leftwmAUR package available in the AUR.


From tty

Run dbus-launch leftwm with xinit.

Display manager

LeftWM includes leftwm.desktop as Xsession which starts the window manager.


See the GitHub Readme for more information.

Default keys

Keybinding Description
Mod+(1-9) Switch to a desktop/tag
Mod+Shift+(1-9) Move the focused window to desktop/tag
Mod+W Switch the desktops for each screen. Desktops [1][2] changes to [2][1]
Mod+Shift+W Move window to the other desktop
Mod+(Up/Down) Focus on the different windows in the current workspace
Mod+Shift+(Up/Down) Move the different windows in the current workspace
Mod+Enter Move selected window to the top of the stack in the current workspace
Mod+Ctrl+(Up/Down) Switch between different layouts
Mod+Shift+(Left/Right) Switch between different workspaces
Mod+Shift+Enter Open a terminal
Mod+Ctrl+l Lock the screen
Mod+Shift+x Exit LeftWM
Mod+Shift+q Close the current window
Mod+Shift+r Reload LeftWM and its config
Mod+p Use dmenu to start application