Lenovo S20-30

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad Yes
Keyboard Yes
GPU 8086:0f31 Yes
Webcam Yes
Ethernet 10ec:8136 Yes
Bluetooth 105b:e065 Yes
SD-card reader 0bda:0129 Yes
Audio 8086:0f04 Yes
Wireless 14e4:4365 Yes

This is one of the products from the Lenovo S-series, which is different from the IdeaPad S-Series.


The BIOS and the boot menu can be accessed by using the alternative power button, which is a small circular one on the left side near by the main power button.


Works after installing the proprietary driver module broadcom-wl or broadcom-wl-dkms, which supports Broadcom BCM43142. See the detailed Broadcom wireless page for further information.


See Intel graphics and xrandr.


Use one of the backlight utilities (tested with lightAUR) to adjust the backlight and control it with keyboard shortcuts by the method of your choice.

With kernel 4.0.x backlight can still be changed, but the keys for increasing or decreasing backlight brightness do not work anymore.


Install alsa-utils. See ALSA for detailed information. To turn on the internal microphone, start alsamixer and increase the volume.

SD Card Reader

This requires the rtsx_usb module [1]. Load the module and blacklist sdhci, sdhci_acpi and sdhci_pci, or install lenovo-s20-30AUR, then regenerate the initramfs.

Changing fan mode

The fan mode can be changed with echo 'X'>/sys/bus/platform/drivers/ideapad_acpi/VPC2004:00/fan_mode provided by the ideapad-laptop kernel module, where X defines the fan cooling mode, i.e X can be one of the following possibilities:

  • 1 = interval cooling
  • 2 = regulate fan speed depending on temperature (default, but shows 133 or 5 by inspecting with cat)

In fan cooling mode 2, the fan starts, if the CPU temperature reaches 35°C and stops after the temperature is lower than 31°C.