Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga

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SD Card

Works out of box.


Works out of the box.

See Tablet PC for more configuration

Additional Functionality

Install iio-sensor-proxy for automatic screen rotation and brightness adjustment under GNOME.

Install kded-rotation-gitAUR for automatic screen rotation under KDE.

The thinkpad-yoga-scripts-gitAUR package does not work well, because the TouchPad and TrackPoint manufacturer was changed. Using https://github.com/ffejery/thinkpad-l380-yoga-scripts instead works. See makepkg on how to build it. There is also an AUR: thinkpad-l380-yoga-scripts-gitAUR. Remember to edit the /opt/thinkpad-l380-yoga-scripts/rotate/thinkpad-rotate.py as hinted in the readme, because you will probably want the Touchscreen and Pen to rotate together with the screen.