Lenovo ThinkPad T590

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Reason: Needs a function keys section and hardware table needs IDs added (Discuss in Talk:Lenovo ThinkPad T590)
Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
GPU (Intel) Yes
GPU (Nvidia) Untested
Wireless Yes
Audio Yes
TrackPoint Yes
Touchpad Yes
Webcam Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Mobile broadband No
Fingerprint Sensor Untested

This article covers the installation and configuration of Arch Linux on a Lenovo T590 laptop. Everything seems to work pretty much out the box.

For a general overview of laptop-related articles and recommendations, see Laptop.

TrackPoint and Touchpad

Similar to the T490, the pointer occasionally jumps while pressing trackpad buttons

Power management/Throttling issues

It is unclear if this model is affected or if current firmware has addressed the issue.


UEFI/Firmware Updates

Lenovo provides firmware updates for this device through the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS).

Available updates and changelogs can be found on the LVFS website. These include security patches for the Intel Management Engine and the system firmware.

The updates can be installed using fwupd.

UEFI booting

systemd-boot confirmed working with Secure Boot disabled

Mobile broadband

No working Linux driver for Fibocom L850-GL. See this thread and this thread for more info.



s-tui (s-tui): an aesthetically pleasing and useful curses-style interface that shows graphs of CPU frequency, utilization, temperature, and power consumption. It also has a built in stress tester.

intel_gpu_top (intel-gpu-tools): gives you some top-like info for the integrated GPU. This can be quite useful in diagnosing GPU acceleration issues.

powertop (powertop): provides detailed information about CPU power consumption and recommendations on how to improve it.

tlp-stat (tlp): a much simpler alternative to remembering which cat /sys/devices/system/* to run in many cases. It can give very detailed, structured information about components like the battery, processor, graphics card, etc.

Tips and Tricks