Lenovo Yoga 14s 2021

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad Yes
Keyboard Needs configuration
GPU (Intel) Yes
Wireless Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Screen Needs configuration
Audio Needs firmware
Webcam (optical) Yes
Webcam (infrared) Needs configuration
Ambient light sensor Yes

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This page is for the Lenovo Yoga 14s 2021 (ITL / IHU) laptop with Intel Core i5-1135G7 / i5-11300H processor, delivered starting from 2020-11-01 (China). It may be branded using different model names in other regions.

Most things will work out-of-the-box, or just follow the normal set-up method. However, there are some issues you may want to solve before or during installation.


You may want to do some configuration during installation, to avoid some annoying issues. You may also want to add them when configuring your boot manager. However, you can skip this if you wish. (See #Special issues for details.)

Add the following kernel parameters when booting the installation media (Live CD):

i8042.dumbkbd i915.enable_psr=0

If your WiFi interface is missing, simply power-off and re-boot your device.

Special issues

Keyboard not functioning properly

The keyboard may not function correctly, esp. normal input will not work. The behaviour includes: 1. keyboard light not switchable; 2. only some functional hotkeys are functioning. The issue may disappear after some time (varies from a few seconds to tens of minutes), or maybe not.

One way to workaround this is to add a kernel parameter during booting:

Note: The light for the capslock key will not work with this method, though capslock is functioning as expected.

Screen flickering

This is due to Panel Self Refresh (a power saving feature of Intel iGPUs). See Intel graphics#Screen flickering for more information.

The current recommend way is to disable it, by adding with this extra kernel parameter:


Incomplete screen refresh rates

This laptop comes with a screen that supports both 60Hz and 90Hz refresh rate. However, only 90Hz will be detected on Linux automatically. This may lead to extra power consumption.

To add 60Hz (temporarily and/or permanently) for Xorg, follow the instructions in Xrandr#Adding undetected resolutions. Just change the refresh rate instead of resolution would do the trick.

Warning: The new mode added by this method is no longer accepted by kernel 5.16. The screen will go blank if you persistently set this in the X11 settings. 90Hz still works.

Laggy animations in Plasma Wayland sessions

Users may experience far more laggy animations in Plasma Wayland sessions than in X11 ones. This situation is known to be greatly relieved if this extra kernel parameter is added:


This workaround is only tested on an i5-11300H processor. One should test if it works on i5-1135G7 too.

WiFi interface missing

The WiFi interface is missing sometimes after rebooting from Windows, but rfkill can still discover it.

It is known that after powering-off and booting again, this will be corrected.

Audio not working

This laptop requires firmware in order for the soundcard to work. See Advanced Linux Sound Architecture#ALSA firmware.

Additionally, blacklist the snd_hda_intel kernel module to avoid popping sound on shutdown, reboot, etc.

Infrared light not working

This laptop comes with infrared camera and light, to support Windows Hello. The infrared webcam can be detected on Linux automatically, but the light does not work by default.

To make them work, install and configure linux-enable-ir-emitterAUR.

See more instruction on Howdy, a program that imitates Windows Hello on Linux.

Touch screen and pen not working

Update kernel to version >= 5.10.15