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This article describes how to set up a Wikipedia:Bengali language environment. It does not cover setting up Bengali/Bangla input on the console.



Open /etc/locale.gen with your favorite text editor. And then uncomment bn_BD.UTF-8 UTF-8 or bn_IN.UTF-8 UTF-8:

#bi_VU UTF-8
bn_BD UTF-8
#bn_IN UTF-8

and then run locale-gen. For more information please read this article

Input methods

There are multiple open source input method engines available:

See IBus to set up the engines above.

Note: You have to enable these input method engines from IBus.

See also Input method for a list of available input-method frameworks.


Broken fonts in Firefox

Some applications (like Firefox) and Desktop Environments will use ttf-font (ttf-dejavu, ttf-liberation, ttf-bitstream-vera, ttf-droid, gnu-free-fonts, noto-fonts, ttf-croscore, ttf-ibm-plex) by default. The gnu-free-fonts do not have full support for Bengali characters alignment. Consider using noto-fonts over ttf-dejavu or gnu-free-fonts as a ttf-font source.

No IBus Support in GNOME

The IBus preferences does not work with GNOME. Make sure to enable Avro/OpenBangla from gnome-control-center.

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