Logitech G300

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Install ratslapAUR for drivers for the mouse. It can change colors, binding, and even create custom macros. After installation, use the ratslap binary to change the mouse.

Alternative script

Alternatively, if using the buttons is not required, disabling them with the following script allows using it as a simple mouse without requiring the installation of ratslapAUR.

G300 is recognized as both mouse and keyboard, you can check with:

$ xinput list | grep G300

We have to disable the G300 keyboard to make it work correctly as follows:

DEVICE_ID=$(xinput list |  grep "Logitech Gaming Mouse G300" | grep keyboard | sed 's/.*id=\([0-9]*\).*/\1/')

if xinput -list-props $DEVICE_ID | grep "Device Enabled" | grep "1$" > /dev/null
        xinput set-int-prop $DEVICE_ID "Device Enabled" 8 0

Make this executable and run it to see if everything is working. You can also put it into your xinitrc.d to make it load automatically.

Another shorter version:

G300ID=$( xinput --list | grep G300.*Keyboard | cut --field 2 | tr --delete "id=" )

let $( xinput --list-props $G300ID | grep "Device Enabled" | cut --field 3 ) && xinput --disable $G300ID