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NZBGet is an Usenet-client written in C++ and designed with performance in mind to achieve maximum download speed by using very little system resources.


Install the nzbget package and the optional nzbget-systemdAUR that provides a nzbget systemd service. Alternatively, install the development version from the Arch User Repository (nzbget-gitAUR), which also includes the systemd service.

Configuring NZBGet

Copy the template configuration file to a custom directory:

# cp /usr/share/nzbget/nzbget.conf /var/lib/nzbget/.nzbget

Update the configuration before starting NZBGet:


Make sure the permissions are set correctly:

# chown -R nzbget:nzbget /var/lib/nzbget
# chmod -R 750 /var/lib/nzbget

Starting NZBGet

Note: The official nzbget package does not provide a systemd service file. You will have to start NZBGet manually instead.
  • Running as root in console-mode:
    # nzbget -c /var/lib/nzbget/.nzbget -s
  • Running as root in daemon-mode:
    # nzbget -c /var/lib/nzbget/.nzbget -D

NZBGet should now be accessible on http://localhost:6789.

Running NZBGet under a different user

Note: nzbget-systemdAUR and nzbget-gitAUR already provide the nzbget user and user group.

See system user for an example and reasons why it may be useful.

After adding a system user, update the main configuration file using the webinterface or by manually editing /var/lib/nzbget/.nzbget:

DaemonUsername=nzbget # system user
UMask=0002 # 775 for dirs - 664 for files

Create and set permissions for the desired directories:

# mkdir /home/myuser/Downloads/NZBGet
# chown -R nzbget:nzbget /home/myuser/Downloads/NZBGet
# chmod 775 /home/myuser/Downloads/NZBGet

The /home/myuser/Downloads/NZBGet will be accessible for the user nzbget and for the nzbget group. Making the target directory world read/writable is highly discouraged (i.e. do not chmod the directory to 777). Instead, give individual users/groups appropriate permissions to the appropriate directories (e.g. by adding 'yourself' to the nzbget user group).

Starting NZBGet as user nzbget in daemon-mode:

[nzbget]$ /usr/bin/nzbget -c /var/lib/nzbget/.nzbget -D

Or start NZBGet by using the nzbget.service if installed with the nzbget-systemdAUR instead.


Default NZBGet credentials

The default credentials for NZBGet are nzbget as user and tegbzn6789 as password. For security reasons it is recommended to change the default credentials.

NZBGet crashes on start

This may happen when the user edited the NZBGet configuration by the Web-interface (located at http://localhost:6789), corrupting the configuration-file. Clean-up the configuration-file and restart the server/daemon again.

Alternative systemd service

The following nzbget.service provides an alternative solution for (re)starting NZBGet when using systemd:

Description=NZBGet Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/nzbget -c /var/lib/nzbget/.nzbget -D
ExecStop=/usr/bin/nzbget -c /var/lib/nzbget/.nzbget -Q
ExecReload=/usr/bin/nzbget -c /var/lib/nzbget/.nzbget -O


Unable to extract archives

Verify if unzip, unrar, p7zip and par2cmdline have been installed.

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