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Naemon is the new monitoring suite that aims to be faster and more stable, while giving you a clearer view of the state of your network.


Install naemonAUR.

Copy /etc/naemon/examples/* to /etc/naemon/conf.d/ if you want some example hosts and services to start with.

Install the plugins from monitoring-plugins as well as fping.

Web interface

Install thrukAUR, then uncomment:

broker_module=/usr/lib/naemon/naemon-livestatus/ /var/cache/naemon/live

Thruk is a fast, modern GUI. A demo is available at

Apache configuration

Add the http user to the naemon group:

# usermod -aG naemon http

Load modules and include naemon-thruk.conf:

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/                            
LoadModule fcgid_module modules/ 

Include conf/extra/thruk.conf

Set the thruk_user and thruk_group to naemon:


Restart httpd.service and navigate to http://localhost/thruk/

The default username and password is thrukadmin:thrukadmin.

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