PS3 Mediaserver

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PS3 Media Server is a cross-platform DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server, written in Java.

Warning: The project is unmaintained since 2016.

Has very good default transcoding profiles for several clients, but lacks good information for headless servers.


Install the pmsAUR package.


The default install location is /opt/pms and the configuration file is at /opt/pms/PMS.conf, there are comments describing what each option is for.

If running headless on a server

Operating Mode
minimized = true

If you do not want your entire filesystem to be shown

Media Locations
folders = /,/

If you run into issues with the wrong audio track playing (example: English desired)

Audio language priority
mencoder_audiolangs = eng,und

Example of english subtitles desired, no subtitles by default on English programs

Subtitle language priority
mencoder_sublangs = loc,eng,und

A list with all options can be found here.


Start pms@user.service, replacing user with the user you want PMS to run under.


This should be done automagically upon starting the service, but if it does not, this is how to do it manually:

  • Browse the logs to see at what ip-address and port pms has started the built-in webservice
  • Use your web browser to go to: http://<ip-address-of-your-server>:5001/console/home and click on 'index files and folders'
  • After the indexing has ended, you are done.