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Radicale is a server designed to support the CalDav and CardDav protocols. It operates either as a standalone package using its own internal http server or can be integrated with an existing webserver.


Warning: For existing installations - Radicale has had two major release changes. You need to export old version 1.x calendars before you install version 2.x. Please read. And for upgrades to version 3.x please also read

Install the radicale package.


The easiest thing is to follow the instructions at the Radicale website.

The main configuration file is located at /etc/radicale/config.

Many of the configuration options can be changed on the command-line:

$ radicale --help

If you run a mail server the radicale-imap-gitAUR or radicale-dovecot-authAUR IMAP authentication plugins may be useful.


Radicale can be integrated with HTTP webservers like Apache HTTP Server via Reverse Proxy or the WSGI interface.

Client support

Since it uses the CalDav and CardDav protocols, it should support most clients. Currently, the officially supported list is this.

The following list may or may not be accurate:

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