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Remmina is a remote desktop client written in GTK hosted on Gitlab [1]. It supports the following protocols: SSH, VNC, RDP, X2Go, HTTP(S)


Install the remmina package.

  • For SPICE support install the spice-gtk package.
Note: If one of the protocols (e.g. RDP) is not available in the Remmina dropdown menu after installing the required package, make sure to completely quit Remmina first: run killall remmina. When you restart Remmina, the protocol should be available.


To open previously saved connection profile you can do:

$ remmina --connect=~/.remmina/file-name.remmina

Depending on your setup, the dirname(1) might be ~/.config/remmina/, rather then ~/.remmina/.

Here is the script, which renames connection profile files basing on name= property to make it human readable:

cd ~/.remmina/    # or ~/.config/remmina/ if appropriate
ls -1 *.remmina | while read a; do
       N=`grep '^name=' "$a" | cut -f2 -d=`;
       [ "$a" == "$N.remmina" ] || mv "$a" "$N".remmina;

To minimize to tray on startup, use the -i/--icon option.

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