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rss2email is a free tool for retrieving content from RSS feeds and mailing it. It is useful for those who do not want yet another program with which to keep up and for people who have a system for e-mail management that they would like to apply to their RSS feeds as well. People with lots of e-mail often have highly customized systems that let them process their mail efficiently; rss2email allows them to easily apply this system to their feeds as well.


Install the rss2email package.

Adding feeds

First, tell rss2email where it should send feeds by running the command:

$ r2e new

Next, subscribe to an RSS feed. For example, to subscribe to the Arch Linux package updates feed, run:

$ r2e add name-for-rss e-mail address

Note that an e-mail address only has to be given if the feed is to be delivered to an address other than the default one; otherwise, leaving off the e-mail address is acceptable.

After a new feed is added, rss2email will e-mail every post it has not previously e-mailed. The first time it is run, therefore, it will e-mail every post. To avoid this behavior, after adding a new feed, run:

$ r2e run --no-send

Getting RSS feeds

To get new stories, execute the command:

$ r2e run

To automate this process and have rss2email check for new feeds every 30 minutes, see Autostarting#On time events.

Managing rss2email

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To view feeds previously added to rss2email, run:

r2e list

This will output a numbered list of feeds. To delete a feed, run:

r2e delete number

where number is the number of the feed to be deleted.

To change the default e-mail address, run:

r2e email

Advanced configuration

The following configuration changes should be made in rss2email.cfg, which should be located at ~/.config/rss2email.cfg.

To have RSS entries sent as HTML e-mails instead of as plain text, set:


To receive new e-mails when RSS posts are updated, set:


To set the date header of e-mails to when the RSS post was written, rather than when the e-mail is actually sent, set:


To fix the error message "sender domain must exist" or to change the address from which e-mails are sent, set:


To force all feeds to use this address, even if they have their own address set, use:


To have rss2email automatically wrap long lines, set:


Where 72 is the number of characters after which rss2email should start a new line.

To send mail using an SMTP server rather than the local machine, use:


If the SMTP server requires authentication, set:


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