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SDRplay is a manufacturer for a range of Software Defined Radio (SDR) receivers all based on the Mirics Semiconductor MSi2500 which is used in a variety of applications from DVB-T to AM Radio.

Hardware driver

The SDRplay driver is closed source so it is only available in binary format (and includes genuine checks, so see Clones) it can be downloaded from here or preferably installed from libsdrplayAUR.


Not many applications currently support libmirsdrapi-rsp so it is a good idea to install soapysdr or soapysdr-gitAUR.

The SoapySDRPlay module is also required and is available from soapysdrplayAUR or soapysdrplay-gitAUR

GNU Radio

Users wanting to use the SDRplay with GNU Radio will need to install gr-osmosdr-nonfree-gitAUR.

Other applications

  • cubicsdrAUR or cubicsdr-gitAUR provides a fully functional and easy to use SDR application.
  • gqrx another easy to use SDR application built on GNU Radio.
  • sdrangel-binAUR or sdrangel-gitAUR a versatile tool with a nice looking interface, can also decode digital voice

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