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SDRplay is a manufacturer for a range of Software Defined Radio (SDR) receivers all based on the Mirics Semiconductor MSi2500 which is used in a variety of applications from DVB-T to AM Radio.


The SDRplay driver is closed source so it is only available in binary format: it can be downloaded or preferably installed from libsdrplayAUR.

Start/enable sdrplay.service.


Not many applications currently support libmirsdrapi-rsp so it is a good idea to install soapysdr or soapysdr-gitAUR.

The SoapySDRPlay module is also required and is available from soapysdrplay3-gitAUR.

GNU Radio

Users wanting to use the SDRplay with GNU Radio will need to install gr-osmosdr-nonfree-gitAUR[broken link: package not found].

Other applications

  • cubicsdrAUR provides a fully functional and easy to use SDR application.
  • gqrxAUR another easy to use SDR application built on GNU Radio.
  • sdrangel-binAUR or sdrangel-gitAUR a versatile tool with a nice looking interface, can also decode digital voice

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