Son of Grid Engine

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The Son of Grid Engine is a community project to continue Sun's old gridengine, which was a grid computing computer cluster software system (otherwise known as a batch-queuing system).


Install the sgeAUR package for both qmaster and execution host.


Qmaster host configuration

Use the install_qmaster script to do the qmaster host configuration.

# cd /opt/sge && ./install_qmaster

You can then start/enable sgemaster@your_sge_cell_name.service

Execution host configuration

Before the execution host configuration, you need to configure your execution host as an administrative host on the qmaster host.

# source /opt/sge/your_sge_cell_name/common/
# qconf -ah your_execution_host_name

Then put the sge cell directory from the qmaster host, /opt/sge/your_sge_cell_name, under the same path on your execution host.

Now use the install_execd script to do the execution host configuration.

# cd /opt/sge && ./install_execd

You can then start/enable sgeexecd@your_sge_cell_name.service

After configuration, you can remove your execution host from the administrative host list.

# qconf -dh your_execution_host_name