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Written by Tom Sailer (HB9JNX/AE4WA) to allow a standard PC soundcard to act as a packet radio modem for use with the various AX.25 communication modes. The data rate can be as high as 9600 baud depending on the hardware and application.

  • Soundmodem can be used as a KISS modem on the serial port or as an AX.25 network device.
  • No upstream can be found for Soundmodem as of 2022-03-20, the AUR package pulls the software from instead, use at your own risk.


Install soundmodemAUR


Execute soundmodem as root:

# soundmodem

Using soundmodem as a MKISS module

Note: To use soundmodem as an MKISS network device, the kernel must be re-built with MKISS modules

The permissions on the interface must be changed in order to make it user-readable:

# chmod 666 /dev/soundmodem0