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Stalonetray is a stand-alone and KDE system tray for the X Window System. It has full XEMBED support, minimal dependencies and works with virtually any EWMH-compliant window manager. Window managers that are reported to work well with stalonetray are: FVWM, Openbox, Enlightenment, Compiz, Xmonad, dwm, and awesome.


Install stalonetray. Once installed, copy the stalonetrayrc file to your XDG configuration directory. It can also be placed directly in the home directory as ~/.stalonetrayrc.

$ cp /etc/stalonetrayrc ~/.config/stalonetrayrc



To run Stalonetray in Openbox, dockapp-mode must be set to simple. This can be accomplished with either the command-line argument --dockapp-mode simple or by modifying ~/.stalonetrayrc.

Openbox now treats the tray as the dock, and you can adjust its position by using the Openbox Configuration Tool. To run Stalonetray on start up, add the following to ~/.config/openbox/autostart:

stalonetray --dockapp-mode simple &

See also Stalonetray WM hints for OpenBox


Icons do not have the desired size

To force the size of the icons to be equal to icon_size, launch stalonetray with the following arguments:

stalonetray --icon-size=16 --kludges=force_icons_size

This will force the size of all icons to 16×16 pixels.

Alternatively, one could add the following to the configuration file:

icon_size 16
kludges force_icons_size

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