TUXEDO InfinityBook S 14 v5

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Device Status Modules
Video Working i915
Card Reader Working rtsx_pci
Wireless Working iwlwifi
Bluetooth Working btusb
Audio Working snd_hda_intel
Touchpad Working hid_multitouch
Webcam Working uvcvideo
IR Camera Authentication Working ?
Function/Multimedia Keys Working tuxedo_keyboard


Installation was uneventful. It's a normal EFI installation.




See Intel Graphics and Hardware Acceleration


Headphone Jack Audio Issues

If the Headphone Jack Audio not working it can be fixed by create the following file:

options snd_hda_intel model=headset-mode-no-hp-mic

Fn Function Keys

The most Fn function keys work out of the box. For the Fn function keys F10, F11 and F12 the following must be set as kernel parameter. If tuxedo-keyboardAUR is installed this is not necessary.

acpi_os_name=Linux acpi_osi= acpi_backlight=vendor

TUXEDO Control Center

TUXEDO Computers provides their own Control Center named "TUXEDO Control Center" (short TCC). Install the tuxedo-control-centerAUR AUR Package.

TCC helps you to Control Fan Speed, Energy and Performance

Power Management


The inefficient s2idle suspend variant is pre-selected as default. You should select the much more efficient deep variant:

 $ cat /sys/power/mem_sleep 
 [s2idle] deep
 # echo deep | tee /sys/power/mem_sleep
 $ cat /sys/power/mem_sleep 
 s2idle [deep]

To make this permanent add mem_sleep_default=deep to your kernel parameters.

An easy way is to run the following command as root:

 # sed -ie 's/GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="\(.*\)"/GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="\1 mem_sleep_default=deep"/' /etc/default/grub

Read more at the help page from TUXEDO [1].


Warning: Unfortunately there are problems with Comet Lake U CPUs and Undervolting. It may happen that the system "freezes" with activated Undervolting.

With the TUXEDO Premium BIOS you can undervolt the CPU over the BIOS. You can switch between -10mV and -100mV. The selectable values are not dangerous, but test it in small steps. So try -60mV, if it is stable you can try -70mV and so on You also can use intel-undervolt. Read Undervolting CPU for more Informations.
As default -0mV is pre-selected. You can change the value over the BIOS under Setup Utility > Advanced > Advanced Chipset Control > BIOS-controlled Undervolting.

BIOS Performance Profiles

With the TUXEDO Premium BIOS you can select one of four Performance Profiles. As default the Entertainment is pre-selected.

  • Quiet
  • Power Saving
  • Entertainment
  • Performance

You can change the Profile over the BIOS under Setup Utility > Advanced > Advanced Chipset Control > Performance Profile Select.
More informations can found at the help page from TUXEDO [2]