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Fn+F8 really does map to keysim 0x70 p. It worked in Windows 11 to change the display output (Super+P on Win 11) so I'm not sure what's gone on there.

Similarly Fn+F9 and Fn+F11 both map to Super+L, with Fn+F9 meant for locking (Super+L in Win 11 so all good there) but Fn+F11 meant for opening the Win 11 screenshot snipping program (Super+Shift+S apparently).

I'm really not sure what's gone on with Fn+c, Fn+v, Fn+space and Fn+f. The first three are completely dead keys when Fn is pressed - all the other keys return at least something on xev. The hidden Fn+k scroll-lock strikes me as a bit mean as there's absolutely no feedback at all anywhere that you've engaged it. Fn+b being pause is also a bit peculiar, with Fn+p also being pause and making a lot more alliterative sense.

I never noticed these unmarked Fn keys in Windows so I couldn't say if they worked there.

I speculate that ASUS use them for quick copy/paste and somesuch on other models and this laptop is made from cutting-room floor bits. It's not a premium model in the slightest, although the screen is lovely.

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