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Unfortunately the quality of discussion about Shoutcast has been very low and quite misleading. The snippets of licenses thrown about on the mailing list turn out to be from the Partner Program agreement [1] and the Partner Program FAQ [2], which (naturally) include mutual promotion agreements, technical support, documentation and some restrictions. BUT Amarok and VLC are not members and have no need or obligation to be. The 6 listed members [3] are 3 devices and 3 mobile phone apps. The so-called API is merely formatted URLs which anyone can access in a web browser. See for example and Did you just violate a license? Unlikely.

It's not relevant, but even the snippets quoted about free software from the Partner Agreement section 4.4 (or FAQ section 9) have been misunderstood. The crucial words are "in a manner which may subject SHOUTcast to ... the licence obligations of any Publically Available Software". So they don't want a Partner to somehow make them liable to comply with the GPL. Nothing Amarok does could cause that.

Faisal Sultan jointly took over running Shoutcast after Stephen Loomis left [4] [5] [6]. He is "SC_faisal" on the winamp forums. He stated that "other Open Source developers continues to use the SC Apis without any restrictions from our end".

--Aedit 24/11/09

SQLite Bug

Since version 2.9.0 and bug [7], the Wiki should encourage the setup and use of MySQL/MariaDB, at least until the re-write of Amarok in Qt5 (which seems expected for version 2.9.7 according to the AUR page [8]

--Nicoadamo (talk) 23:36, 13 October 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]