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Building RAM usage

Using the official build instructions from the LineageOS Wiki, I did not notice heavy usage of the /tmp directory. Instead I needed around 10 GB of Memory for the build to succeed. I think the behaviour is the same for AOSP.

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Android Studio

If you are planning to install and use android studio, Do not also install android-tools and android-udev.

The use of adb from android-tools interferes with the adb built into android studio causing it to crash when you stop the application after running it on a physical device. Even after unplugging the phone, it is still registered as being connected to the computer preventing it from connecting again once plugged back in requiring a restart.

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Emulator Performance

Emulator seems to runs faster with Skia enabled. In adb shell, do

$ su
# setprop debug.hwui.renderer skiagl
# stop
# start

As well, I noticed that emulator breaks without running as emulator -gpu swiftshader_indirect.

Pickfire (talk) 04:45, 26 October 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Android NDK

It would be a good idea to mention some words about android-ndk. I found that the NDK and platform versions must match... so just using the latest of each available package, currently, doesn