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Correct Windows Title Escape Sequence

Currently the listed escape sequence is ESC]2;new titleBEL. But in all links in the "See also" section it is written as ESC]0;new titleBEL, with the number zero (0) instead of the number two (2). Other places I've found on the Internet also uses zero. Which is the correct one? -- Svinto 09:39, 24 Sep 2018 (UTC)

The man page CONSOLE_CODES(4) lists the differences under Escape sequences. The number used in the sequence changes what is set to the new text, window title and/or icon name. Zero (0) sets both the window title and icon name, while one (1) sets just the icon name, and two (2) sets just the title.
Icon name is the name applied to the icon in window managers that have an option to iconify active windows. xterm in twm could be minimized to an icon on the screen.
I believe zero (0) should be the more compatible setting and should be recommended instead.
Lfudala (talk) 09:37, 21 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]