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Citrix Manual install differences / notes

Followed the manual instruction notes mostly. Some additional notes with my setup. Before starting the manual setup:

Enable 'multilib' if you haven't done so. If you try to install the list of packages starting with lib32xxx and get package not found, you need to enable the multilib repositories. The link will go over how to do so.

During install of USB functions, the install script from citrix fails in several places due to certain missing files. This occurred running as root.

During this process, some of the 32 bit libs, there were several package conflicts with already loaded files. I kept my fingers crossed and followed the defaults of replacing them.

After script completed and running firefox to launch citrix client, got 'error 61'. In my case it was a thawte certificate. Converting the firefox certs to pem and linking them to the default citrix keystore directory didn't work. Mozilla's certs had thawte in them. I ended up following the procedure at this link to get the cert from the web page directly:

As noted in the web page, make sure you select the top level or 'root' cert before you export. After this the ctrix client loaded right up after I copied the exported cert to the default citrix keystore directory.

If anyone knows how to configure the USB for arh linux, please reply.

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Super keys

I am unable to use the super keys on the remote, if anybody has an answer please reply here or at and I'll update the ArchLinux wiki with the instructions.

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Warning on updating SSL certificates

Documentation claims to run this command:

ln -sf /etc/ssl/certs/* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

Don't do this! unless you know what you are doing. In my installation (in Manjaro Linux, if that matters), the folder /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts is just a symlink to /etc/ssl/certs, so that command has completely messed up my CA certificates.

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Page updates

Hi all,

First time contributor here so welcome any constructive feedback. I've used this page 20 times over the last 3 years with various levels of success getting a corporate VDS connection up and running. I'd like to make some adjustments as outlined below. I've read the contributing article and am happy to get editing if no one has any objections?

- XDG-Open does not correctly support the mime-extension and desktop file created by the installation. Installing perl-file-mimeinfo fixed the issue.

- Remove manual installation section?

- Audio Support

   - Note that as of client 2012 - December 2020 Citrix has introduced additional audio redirection:
   - This had to be disabled as it broke my audio re-direction

- HDX Webcam support

   - This was the most difficult part I had to get working.  
   - Needs the addition of various GST plugins
   - Modification of the related config fields

- I3 Fullscreen grabbing

   - Eliminate reference to resolution and only change it to a windowed configuration

Remaining issues I don't know how to fix myself. No multi-monitor support. I run i3 and triple monitors across displaylink & a USB-C dock. Multi-monitor was already wonky in my experience on Windows, and getting displaylink to work was hard enough :).

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