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Mention emacs-lucid in section "As a daemon"

It might be worth mentioning emacs-lucidAUR in the section on running emacs as a daemon, due to the following bug that Emacs warns about when started in daemon mode:

Warning: due to a long standing Gtk+ bug
Emacs might crash when run in daemon mode and the X11 connection is unexpectedly lost.
Using an Emacs configured with --with-x-toolkit=lucid does not have this problem.

In particular, when connecting to the emacs daemon from multiple X sessions (e.g. via VNC or multiple tty's), the default (GTK) version of emacs will crash when an X session is closed. The lucid version of emacs does not suffer this issue.

Snackattack (talk) 16:09, 15 October 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Add emacs-nativecomp and emacs-wayland

Aw come on, emacs-nativecomp and emacs-wayland are official packages I probably didn't know existed until I searched for them randomly. These should be added to the main page (and only these two). This is because native compilation is very interesting for multiple reasons, such as performance improvements; and emacs doesn't support Wayland by default, whereas emacs-wayland does with PGTK support. Note that these packages are equivalent those listed in Emacs#Forks:

I think these are very relevant, not forks with very specific changes: these packages have great changes.

So they should be added. Maybe take out some others in the way.

Ezkha (talk) 17:46, 3 September 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Refinement proposal

I have many ideas for improving the quality of this article. So, I suggest pursuing a refinement discussion about this article, with following considerations:

  1. Emacs is a large piece of software; making it almost impossible to document the whole of it, inside an article or even inside Arch Wiki in general.
  2. Emacs is constantly and continuously developed; Even if it was possible to document all aspects of Emacs inside archwiki, it's almost impossible to catch up with all changes to Emacs all the time.
  3. Emacs existing official and unofficial documentation is relatively vast, comprehensive, and active. Making any active documentation of Emacs in Arch Wiki a type of duplication.
  4. Arch Wiki is not a well known reference for general Emacs documentation. Other sources of documentations for Emacs are much more referred and mentioned across Emacs communities.

That being said, I do not see Emacs article on Arch Wiki to be in a bad state. But I do like to receive feedbacks from any current user of Emacs on Arch Linux, about how they would see this article as improved. In addition, I personally have some ideas, which gradually disclose them here.

Arash (talk) 02:10, 9 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]