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Linked from (outdated) Bootchart#Running_Bootchart2 to this page.

I propose to add the main features Bootchart2 gives, unless I'm wrong: → A clear Disk, I/O (and memory) usage vizualisation that I don't get with its systemd-bootchart cousin; → Easier comparison with distros shipping Bootchart, and with older startup-graphs (eg my netbook has Arch running since well before the shift to systemd;comparing has its interest); → Nothing to add to the kernel parameters, as the systemd services included do their job. --kozaki (talk) 20:01, 20 September 2015 (UTC)

Changing bootloader

Hi, i was just wondering whether or not it would be appropriate to suggest a change of bootloader in this article. I have found personally that changing bootloader can make a huge difference (GRUB: 15s, systemd-boot: 9s)

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